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Regarding the link to the top page of our site (, it is unnecessary to contact the link regardless of profit, non-profit or intranet. However, please carefully check the contents of this page and kindly observe the cautions.

Cautions when creating links

When creating a link, please paste the link after confirming "Method of creating links".
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We only permit links to be created from each site to the top page of our website.
Therefore, please note in advance that we do not give assurance and take no responsibility regarding the contents described on each site.
Note that it is expressly forbidden to create links from sites corresponding to any of the following.

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In the case where, for whatever reason, the caution items and method of creating links described on this page will not be followed, links should absolutely not be created.
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Method of creating links

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The contents described on this page may be changed without prior notice. Note in advance that in the case where the described contents have been changed, the latest caution items will be valid.
In addition, regarding the copyright, please refer here.

Other Opinions

For other opinions or requests, kindly contact our office directly.
This company also accepts opinions or requests by E-mail, but we would like to mention that we will only consider the response time within our business hours.

We may require some time to reply, depending on the content of your questions,
In addition, kindly note that regarding inquiries sent during the maintenance periods of our systems including mail servers, we may require some time.
We are responsive from 9a.m. to 12 noon, and then from 1p.m. until 5p.m. (with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and our company holidays)
Please note in advance that some questions may be inappropriate for us to make a response and cannot be answered depending on their contents.

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