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Product Information



Allegro is an ETRM (*) integrated package solution that boasts the top market share in Europe and America and supports energy product trading, risk management, logistics, accounting, and various types of regulations. It allows unified management for the handling and processing of all types of energy-related products ranging from crude oil and LNG to electric power.
*ETRM is an abbreviation of Energy Trading and Risk Management

Overview of Allegro

  • Risk management
    The market risks and credit risks in the portfolio are valuated and managed.
  • Energy transactions
    Unified management is conducted for various transactions relating to energy.
  • Logistics
    End-to-end management is realized, ranging from spot scheduling to confirmation of actual results.
  • Back office support
    We provide back-office support functions such as journalizing, reporting, reconciling, and invoicing.
  • Business analyses
    All types of analyses and graphical reporting are possible to enable better decision-making.
  • Connectivity
    We ensure connectivity with various trading markets and information providing vendor, etc.

Features of Allegro

  • Because each function can be introduced and added in component units, it is possible to implement phased introductions to match customers' requirements.
  • The software is provided with extremely high expandability so that the system can be flexibly and economically customized.
  • Without concern about version locking, it is possible to always utilize the latest version in which European and American practices have been incorporated.

Allegro Results and Valuations

Many industry-leading global companies have adopted Allegro. More than 300 companies in 50 or more countries have adopted Allegro, and more than 4500 users are currently conducting their business utilizing Allegro.

In addition, Allegro maintains the top position in many divisions in the energy risk software rankings, and it is very highly regarded by users in Europe and America and by industry-related persons.

Services Provided by NDFS

As the sales agent for Allegro in Japan, we provide various types of services, from upstream to downstream, in a one-stop operation.

  • Upstream investigations
    We are providing consulting services including giving Allegro product explanations and demonstrations, and is conducting environment analysis and issue identification.
  • Implementation of Allegro
    Conduction of requirement definition, design, testing, transfer, and operation preparation.
  • System maintenance and function expansion
    Reponses are given to inquiries and problems generated in Allegro operation, and to requests for function expansion.
  • Numerical model building
    We build various types of models based on our company's strengths, which consist of financial engineering and the know-how accumulated through the systemization of our treasury and capital market, and risk management business.