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Product Information

Prélude Enterprise

Prélude Enterprise is a next-generation treasury and capital markets solution developed in Japan that realizes STP of derivatives, securities, money market and foreign exchange trades, and enables flexible transaction management based on cross assets.

Features of Prélude Enterprise

Advanced solution supporting revenue growth

Prélude Enterprise is a next-generation treasury and capital markets solution that aims to implement flexible and stable risk management optimization, and revenue growth of portfolios, by managing a variety of financial products owned by financial institutions using a unified database.
Accurate revenue cannot be predicted unless the risks contained in various products are not recognized.
Schemes are provided for deriving the types of action plans that are required for maximizing the profits and holding down minimal risks while ascertaining future market trends.

Four Advantages of Prélude Enterprise

Cross-asset solution

Enables unified management of complex and varied financial products. The valuations using standardized indexes and the recognition of inherent risks, will support the optimization of portfolios.
Complex products, including cross-asset products, can be supported.
It is also possible to compose foreign exchange trades when exercising FX options, and manage linkage between raised funds and investment targets.

Risk return simulations for revenue growth

Types of potential risks and amount of potential revenue can be predicted, based on the portfolio it owns and the future market predictions.
Afterwards, it will be possible to select appropriate action plans from the profit and loss predictions derived from various scenarios.

Support system made possible by in-house development

Prélude Enterprise is 100% in-house development. It adapts flexibly to customer's business.
We are responsible for disclosure and accountability of logic in cases such as official audits.
In case of failure or issue, we promptly support from root-cause investigation to system recovery.

Evolving solutions

Prélude Enterprise is a solution that keeps evolving along with customers in response to changes in the times.


Due to the integrated management of financial products, cross-asset solutions are realized

Each module such as derivatives, securities, funds, currency exchange, etc. provided by 'Prélude Enterprise' operates on the common platform of NTT DATA Financial Solutions' own application framework 'Prélude Framework'.
It is possible to link products beyond modules and manage combination of derivatives.
As a result, it is possible to manage link between MM trades and FX trades, generate and manage FX trades after exercising FX option rights, and manage link between derivative trades and the underlying assets for hedge purpose.
This can be attained due to the common platform of the treasury and capital market products together with the unified management of databases provided by Prélude Enterprise.

Flexibility and transparency is achieved through in-house developed solutions

As an advantage that cannot be matched with other companies' products, Prélude Enterprise is developed entirely in-house up to the valuation logic, which enables flexible system support matching the customer's individual valuation model and the customer's business. In addition, we will disclose valuation logic and respond quick technical support when audits by Financial Services Agency are carried out.