NTT DATA 変える力を、ともに生み出す。


Business Overview

Backed by leading-edge financial engineering, information technology, and ample business know-how, the comprehensive solutions provided by NTT DATA Financial Solutions support its customers' treasury and capital market businesses.

NTT DATA Financial Solutions is one of the few companies offering leading-edge treasury and capital markets solution by merging the financial engineering developed from rocket engineering with the proven information technology accumulated through public and financial system development.
In addition to IT solutions such as transactions management and risk management of market-driven financial products, we offer a variety of services in market-driven fields ranging from financial product pricing model development, consulting to research and development in a one-stop operation.
Making free use of leading-edge financial engineering and advanced information technology, we are aiming to provide valuable services that contribute to development and revenue growth of our customers' business.

Financial Engineering Solutions

Advanced market analysis, research and development conducted by quants who are fully knowledgeable about financial engineering

Our 'Advanced Financial Engineering Center' makes best use of the financial know-how accumulated from joint developments with financial institution customers over many years and the variety of research and development implemented by us, and has been highly evaluated by large numbers of customers until now. Precisely due to the in-house formation of this special organization, the only one in the industry in Japan, we are able to conduct pricing and the building of models incorporating risk measurement based on the latest financial theories. We are also able to respond to requests which are difficult for other development companies, such as flexibility regarding the disclosure of calculation logic, and prompt response to the market.

IT Solutions

Applying advanced information technology to offer solutions that have been developed 100% in-house

Including the Prélude Enterprise the Japan-made next-generation treasury and capital markets integrated solution, our all core solutions are developed in-house. Due to the experience and actual results obtained from the many development projects implemented together with customers, our company's solutions condense a variety of know-how from treasury and capital market. By making maximum use of these assets, we can flexibly support customer needs, realizing low costs, short delivery time, and high quality.

Consulting Services

Proposals of optimum solutions by consultants with ample know-how and experience

We have implemented the building of treasury and capital markets solution which contribute to revenue growth for many financial institution customers, along with realization of the advancement of integration risk and revenue management, increase in efficiency of market-based businesses, and the optimization of IT investment costs. We are supporting customers' value creation with comprehensive consulting combined with the latest financial theories and information technologies. For customers who are investigating the new entry to treasury and capital market businesses, and for those who are contemplating further business expansions and increased sophistication, we propose optimum solutions that match the scope of business and investment effects.