NTT DATA 変える力を、ともに生み出す。


President's Message

Supporting Value Creation for Customers

Based on a philosophy of "facilitating market transactions and contributing to sound economic and social development by providing treasury and capital market solutions that utilize information technology", NTT DATA Financial Solutions (abbreviated as NDFS) has expanded its business since its establishment in 2008.

Our main market-based integrated solution, Prélude Enterprise, has continued to offer services under the two axes of supplying system integration for individual customers making use of a "framework", and providing a ready-made "package system", and has grown to become the representative Japanese solution in the corresponding fields. In recent years, we have developed Prélude Cloud, which provides service-type applications utilizing the public cloud environment, and are proceeding to offer customers easy-to-use services.

Our 'Advanced Financial Engineering Center' which is a group of quants (quantitative analysts) engages in HFT (High Frequency Trade) and algorithm trading consulting, model building, and support for global regulations. We provide comprehensive services including trial calculation support for CVA and FRTB, building customers' calculation processes, and introducing solutions from foreign countries.

In addition, in 2015 NDFS began system construction consulting and system introduction support for ETRM (Energy Trading & Risk Management) involving transactions in the energy field based on a tie-up with the Allegro Development Corporation of the United States. We intend to make best use of the know-how from our treasury and capital market management and integrated risk management accumulated in the financial field to assist in the reactivation of the Japanese energy market.

Citing its Group Vision as a "Trusted Global Innovator", the NTT Data Group had developed a global network comprising more than 50 countries and regions worldwide. Within the Group, NDFS is gathering information about trends and changes in global base markets and regulations before others, and wishes to be able to provide this information in the form of solutions and consulting as a "domain-specific professional group" to contribute in improving customer revenue and increasing business efficiency even more than ever.

All of our employees will strive daily in their duties and we appreciate your continued patronage, guidance, and encouragement in future.

President & CEO Isamu Nishikawa President & CEO Isamu Nishikawa