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Our Solutions & Services

Customer Support

We support our customers in an efficient and comprehensive manner.

Customer Support System

Our systems including Prélude Enterprise are all 100% in-house development. We respond flexibly and promptly to development and customization of customer's own requirements and promptly support from root-cause investigation to recovery at the time of failures or issues.

  • ※ Support is provided through responses after determining separate SLAs.

Remote Maintenance System

We provide maintenance by remote connection in order to realize prompt response and to provide equivalent services to customers in remote areas. The stringent management described below is conducted to allow direct connection to the customer's environment.

Security management system

Stringent management is conducted according to ISMS (acquired in March 2013) and the NTT DATA Group security.

Physical separation of facilities

We are preventing the occurrence of accidents by restricting entrance by key cards and physical separation of the network, as well as using the special environment for each customer such as circuits, router etc.

Confirmation of our maintenance environment by customers

With regard to the remote maintenance environment, customers can confirm the security for themselves within a certain range. In addition, it is possible to apply the rules of the customer and establish the environment accordingly.

Inheritance of Solutions Implemented by Other Companies

Even for solutions that were not implemented by us, we can take over the support work from the company that introduced the system if items including the source code, design documents, (and copyrights) are fully provided.
For example, we can take over the work in case of issue occurred, if a maintenance company does not continue, cost reduction is needed for existing maintenance service, and so on.