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Our Solutions & Services

Numerical Analysis and Model Building

We offer the following types of numerical analysis and model building services.

What is Numerical Analysis and Model Building?

We have established in-house quants division 'Advanced Financial Engineering Center' to offer consulting services.
We conduct advanced pricing of financial products and the building of models incorporating risk measurement, utilizing leading-edge financial engineering.

Overview of Services

Making best use of the financial engineering know-how that we have accumulated over many years through joint developments with financial institution clients and various kinds of research and development activities implemented in-house, our 'Advanced Financial Engineering Center' has been highly acclaimed by large numbers of customers until now.
Precisely due to the formation of this type of specialized organization in-house, the only one in this industry in Japan, we are able to build pricing and models incorporating risk measurement based on the latest financial theories. We are able to respond to difficult requests for most of other solution developers, such as disclosing the calculation logic and the provision of swift responses to markets.
Here we introduce the professional services offered by our quants who are highly familiar with financial engineering.

Flow of Model Building

We will be able to conduct the model building and submit the verification results after getting data and purpose of the model building from the customer.
In addition, it is also possible for us to provide the tools used in the verification and to implement and operate the model as a system.

Advantages of Quants Service

We build models for the financial products owned by the customer.
It is possible to disclose detailed information including the calculation logic and computation processes, since our 'Advanced Financial Engineering Center' builds the models.
Numerical verification of the built models can be done by reproduction using Microsoft Excel® sheets.
We also support customer's document creation for internal use and/or the authorities.