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Our Solutions & Services

System Integration

Our solutions are developed utilizing technologies based on system integration.

Features of NDFS System Integration

Development and maintenance are all 100% in-house, provided in one stop

Similarly to the package systems, all of the development management and operations system building related to system integration is all conducted in-house. By doing this, it is possible to improve the development efficiency and prepare systems to prevent problem occurrence beforehand.

Unique QMS and PMO systems

For all projects which have system integration implemented, the formation and application of rules are conducted using our Quality Management System (QMS). By conducting reviews by the project manager and audits by the Project Management Office (PMO) as an independent administration system, a system to detect problems early can be provided.

Utilization of general-purpose libraries

As system building is implemented using various types of general-purpose libraries, such as Prélude Framework, we can provide high quality systems with short delivery time.

NDFS System Integration Functions

Prélude (Common management functions)

This library includes common functions that are often generally used, such as report output, data importing, and operations management. Due to this, the time required until the deployment can be shortened and the quality can be assured.

[Market rate management functions]

  • Rates for fair value calculation
  • Rates for pricing (Real-time)
  • User-created yield curve
  • Short-term prime rate management

[Report/Export functions]

  • General-purpose report definition function
  • Report printing function (Time stipulation possible)
  • Report printing log
  • Export functions (Time stipulation possible)

[Import functions]

  • General import definition functions
  • Import functions
  • Import log

[System security functions]

  • Authority group definition functions
  • User creation functions
  • User attribute setting functions

[Operation management functions]

  • Automatic operating task condition confirmation
  • Error log
  • SQL log
  • Access log
  • Interest rate renewal processing (Automatic or manual)

[Master management functions]

  • Holidays
  • Head and branch offices, Departments
  • Counterparty management (Customer management)
    • CIF, settlement accounts, credit line
    • Ratings (Internal and external)
  • Risk country management
  • Add-on haircuts

[Automatic operation functions]

  • Fair value calculation
  • Rate acquisition
  • Report output and export processing

[Aggregation functions]

  • Separately for each product position
    • Derivatives position
    • Bond position
    • FX position
  • Separately for each approach
    • Fund invested and raised balance
    • Forward overall position
    • Potential position

Case Studies

Major Banks Building of credit determination system
Major Trust Banks Building of CDS management system
Major Trust Banks Bond repo trade management system
Major Trust Banks Settlement management system
Major Trust Banks Revenue management system
Major Trust Banks Lending trade management system
Major Security Companies Building of RMBS management system
Major Security Companies Building of ordering system for institutional investors
Major Security Companies Building of customer management system
Major Security Companies Building of revenue management system
Government Financial Institutions Building of credit portfolio system
Government Insurance Companies Building of core systems relating to insurance work
Major Automobile Companies Facilities investment management system