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Why Choose Us?

Our customers choose us because we are the following type of company.

Features of NDFS

NDFS is a company which can offer development of financial systems by utilizing advanced mathematics.
As there is no distribution of work for phases like consulting, system development, and maintenance to other companies, we are able to provide mathematically advanced system development quickly in one stop.

Three Strengths of NDFS

1 Provision of solution development conducted by quants

We are fully staffed with quantitative analysts (quants) who are capable of handling advanced mathematics which is characteristic of financial engineering.
Our quants team is not only involved in model building and verification work, but also in deepest parts of system development, sometimes even writing source code.
This allows our quants to function efficiently in each process of system development, enabling us to provide a system within a short period matching customers' needs.

2 All development, including source code is conducted in-house

All of our systems are developed in-house with high transparency - no "black box" parts from the calculation logic to the business logic.
In addition to being able to respond to customization needs, we can quickly respond to various kinds of validity verification including calculations, and troubleshooting.

3 A complete support system

We maintain all of the systems implemented by us.
As development of systems and the maintenance of source code is in-house and also in order to perform remote maintenance under a strict security system, we can take appropriate measures early.
For this reason, our systems are being used for long periods in almost all cases and we also have many examples of the customization after first implementation.

Related Solutions & Services

Summary and Details of Financial Institutions Who Have Employed Our Solutions

We have know-how accumulated over more than 10 years centered on the implementation to government institutions and major companies.
Here we introduce some of the implementation and development records we have offered so far.

Major Banks
Development of credit determination system
Building of RMBS pricing models
Building of credit determination models
EaR computations using the Monte Carlo Method
Major Trust Banks
Development of CDS management system
Repo trade management system
Settlement management system
Revenue management system
Lending trade management system
Major Security Companies
Development of RMBS management system
Building of ordering system for institutional investors
Development of customer management system
Development of revenue management system
Government Financial Institutions
Building of RMBS pricing models
Development of credit portfolio system
Government Insurance Companies
Building of core systems related to insurance work
Major Automobile Companies
Facilities investment management system
Regional Banks
Commodity derivatives valuations
FX Companies
Cover trade analysis
Building of credit determination model using GA