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Compact, Universal
Treasury & Capital Market Solution

Compact, Universal Treasury & Capital Market Solution,
Realizes System Construction and Reguratory Support

prélude enterprise Collaboration with External Systems

Operation-oriented design with the single master database

1. Complete trade management, risk management, and accounting in one system

prélude enterprise provides comprehensive operations of financial products, including trade management, risk management and accounting.
Each function is oriented for single master database, and for front, middle, and back user can refer the latest data.

2. Cross Asset Management of Wide Range of Financial Products

With prélude enterprise, complex and diverse financial products can be centrally managed in a single master database.
Portfolio optimization is archieved by value and recognize the risks involved with a unified index.

prélude enterprise crossAsset

prélude enterprise function

Responding to Changes in the Market through Financial Engineering and IT

3. Package Solution Continuously Responds to Changes in Market Practices and Regulations

NDFS will constantly expands new functions in response to various regulations and market trends as a specialist of treasury solution.

4. 100% Inhouse Developed System and Calculation Logic

NDFS has an in-house quants team and develops all the logic, including the valuation model for financial products.

Product Enhanced Together with Customers

5. prélude enterprise, always with Customers

prélude enterprise has 50+ users in Japan, which is the top market share.

6. Package Flexibly Respond to Customer Requirment

NDFS is a package vendor and system integrator.
We will propose the optimum system in consideration of the balance between operational efficiency and cost.

prélude enterprise users

Feture of prélude enterprise

prélude enterprise is a Treasury & Capital markets solution that realizes Straight-through Processing (STP) of foreign exchange, money market, derivatives, and securities.
It enables flexible trade management based on cross assets.
For over a decade, prélude enterprise has been preferred Treasury & Capital markets solution because of its premium quality and flexibility to adapt with changing business environment, regulation and our clients business requirement.

prélude enterprise system flow

Product Coverage

Foreign Exchange
FX Swap

Money Market

Discount Bond
Fixed Rate Bond
Floating Rate Bond
Structured Bond

FX Derivatives
Plain Vanilla
Single/Double Barrier
Average Strike

IR Derivatives
Plain Vanilla Swap
Coupon Swap
Currency Swap

Equity & Inv.Trust
Investment Trust

Listed Futures & OP
Equity Index Futures
Futures Options[Bond,IR,FX]
Equity Options,Index Options
OTC Bond Option

Credit Support Annex[CSA]
Collateral Call
Central Counterparty[CCP]

Function Coverage

Trade management Trade entry, trade approval, linkage management, period management
Position management Position management, profit and loss valuation, mark-to-market valuation
Schedule management Settlement schedule, IR fixing schedule, exercise schedule, delivery schedule
Risk management Portfolio management, exposure valuation, credit line management, Value at Risk valuation, back-testing, PnL simulation, cash management
Collateral management Collateral deposit/withdrawal, Collateral schedule, valuation
Settlement management Settlement, netting, SWIFT messages
Data Export Flexible Export of Excel, Report and EUC

prélude enterprise exports

System Architecture

prélude enterprise adopts Smart Client architecture works on Windows OS, which doesn’t require specific middle ware. The architecture with less constraints enables to be used in various infrastructure such as on-premise and cloud.

prélude enterprise architecture

Implementation Example

E.g. Development of market system based on AWS
prélude enterprise was selected by the bank which started FX services.
Taking advantage of the package consisting of modules for each function and product, we have realized a phase by phase implementation based on the priority of the banking business.
The cloud computing of the system has also reduced the operational load.

Phase 1
Fulfill FX Development
Peplace Existing System
Utilizing AWS Cloud

Phase 2
Expanding Product
Enhance IF around FX

prélude enterprise overview

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